OPTIMA: Optimisation   for Sustainable
Water Resources Management

Project Related Publications

Becker, N. and Friedler, E. (2007)
The Alexander-Zeimar stream - Hydro-economic model (OPTIMA).
Invited presentation at: MOnitoring and Restoration of Transboundary Streams. Israel-Palestinian bi-national workshop. Amman, Jordan, May 2007.
on-line paper
Becker, N. and Friedler, E. (submitted)
Alexander river restoration - A cost benefit analysis to find the social value of a clean river
Submitted to: WATMED-2, Marrakesh, Morocco, November 2005.
on-line abstract
Benhachmi, M.K., Abdallah, E.M., Mouckchane, M. (submitted)
Simulation of Water Demand/Supply Scenarios in the Martil River Basin, Morocco
Accepted for presentation at: WATMED 3, November 1-3, 2006, Beirut, Lebanon.
on-line abstract (MS Word)
Cetinkaya, C.P., Fistikoglu, O., Fedra, K. and Harmancioglu, N. (2007)
Optimisation Methods Applied for Sustainable Management of Water-Scarce Basins.
Journal of Hydroinformatics (in press).
on-line pre-print   (PDF)
Cetinkaya, C. and Harmancioglu, N (2006)
Optimisation Methods Applied to River Basin Management.
In: Topping, B,H,V., Montero, G., and Montenegro, R. [eds.], Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Engineering Computational Technology; Civil Comp. Press, Stirlingshire.
on-line paper   (PDF)
Fedra, K., Kubat, M. and Zuvela-Aloise, M. (2007)
Web-based water resources management: economic valuation and participatory multi-criteria optimization.
Proceedings of the Second IASTED International Conference WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT August 20-22, 2007, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA ISBN Hardcopy: 98-0-88986-679-9 CD: 978-0-88986-680-5
on-line paper   (PDF)
Fedra, K. (in print)
Coastal zone resource management: tools for a participatory planning and decision making process.
15 pp., In: R. Krishnamurthy [ed]: Integrated Coastal Zone Management - The Global Challenge. Research Publishing Services, Singapore.
on-line paper   (PDF)
Fedra, K. (2006)
Embedded GIS in environmental management. 22-16 pp., GIS Development, Vol. 10/2
Fedra, K. (2005)
Water Resources Modelling at the River Basin Scale. Tutorial presentation at IASTED/SMO 2005, Oranjestad, Aruba, August 2005.
on-line description     Tutorial Slide Show
Fedra, K. (2005)
Water Resources Simulation and Optimization: a web based approach.
IASTED/SMO 2005, Oranjestad, Aruba, August 2005.
on-line paper   (PDF)
Fedra, K. and Harmancioglu, N. (2005)
A web-based water resource simulation and optimization system
In: Savic, D., Walters, G., King, R., and Khu, A-T. [eds], Proceeding of CCWI 2005, Water management for the 21st Century. Volume II, 167-172, Center of Water Systems, University of Exeter.
on-line abstract
on-line paper (PDF)
Friedler, E. and Becker, N. (2007)
Combination of catchment basin modelling and economic analysis to determine optimal rehabilitation strategies for multiple use trans-boundary streams.   International Scientific Symposium: Balancing Water Scarcity and Growing Demands in Agriculture. Organised by MARD (Multinational Agricultural Research and Development). Dead Sea, Jordan, June 2007.
on-line paper
Gasparino U., Del Corpo, B. (2007)
Perceived Diversity of Water Management in Mediterranean Watersheds: A case study.
Presented at WATMED III, 1-3 November 2006, Tripoli, Lebanon.
on-line paper (PDF)
Gasparino U., Del Corpo B., Pinelli D. (2006)
Perceived Diversity of Complex Environmental Systems: Multidimensional Measurement and Synthetic Indicators FEEM Working Paper No. 49.2006
Presented at the Marie Curie EURODIV 2006, Milan, Italy, January 2006.
on-line abstract: http://www.feem.it/NR/exeres/597977EE-390A-474D-A5A1-3CBFAE947814.htm?WP_Page=1
on-line paper (PDF): http://www.feem.it/NR/rdonlyres/597977EE-390A-474D-A5A1-3CBFAE947814/1977/4908.pdf
Gemini, G., Parolin, M., Sachero, V. (2006)
Participative Approach in Water Resource Planning within Mediterranean Region.
Proceedings of B+V First International Congress - Water and Green: Resources for the built environment May 25th-26th, Milano Italy.
on-line abstract     on-line paper
Harmancioglu, N. Fedra, K., and Barbaros, F.(2008)
Analysis of Sustainability in Management of Water Scarce Basins:
the case of the Gediz River Basin in Turkey.
Desalination, 226(2008), pp. 175-182.
on-line paper (PDF)
Khawlie, M., and Abdallah, C. (submitted)
Standardizing remote sensing and GIS data for optimizing water resources management.
Submitted to: 15th International Symposium on Remote Sensing and Co-Systems, Damascus, September 18-21, 2006.
on-line abstract (MS Word)
Khoury, R., Doummar,J., Khawlie, M., Doumit, A., Shaban, A., Abdallah, C. (accepted)
Using the Water Resources Model (WRM) for Optimization: The Lebanon Lower Litani River Case Study
Submitted to: WATMED-3, Tripoli, Lebanon, November 2006.
on-line paper (MS Word)
Khoury, R., Khawlie, M., Shaban, A., Abdallah, C. and Kayal, R. (accepted)
Relieving Water Stress: Optimizing Water Resources Management: Lower Litani River, Lebanon.
Submitted to: WATMED-2, Marrakesh, Morocco, November 2005.
on-line abstract (MS Word)
Shatanawi, M., and Naber, S. (submitted)
Watershed Management of Zarqa River Basin in Jordan.
Submitted to: WATMED-2, Marrakesh, Morocco, November 2005.
on-line abstract (MS Word)
Shatanawi, M., Naber, S. (2006)
Status of Gender Involvement in Water and Irrigation Activities in Jordan.
Presented at the kick-off meeting of the GEWAMED project, February 20-23, IAMB, Bari, Italy.
on-line paper (MS Word)
Spiteri, A, and De Ketelaere, D. (2006)
Engaging Stakeholders and Endusers in EU funded research projects on land and water resources management in the Mediterranean.
Presented at ECOLLAW 2006, 4-7 January 2006, Cairo, Egypt
on-line abstract (PDF)

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