RiskWare  On-line Reference Manual

Release Level 1.9
Release Date 2000 06

Revision Level 1.0

ACTION file format

ACTIONS are used to communicate instructions or guidance to the operator or users of RTXPS;

ACTIONS are compiled in one or more ASCII files, listed in the KBconfig file; they have the following format:

###### emergency_type: toxic_spill
TI Define_the_Source
T Auto
V ready / pending / ignored / failed / done /
P 120
Q \vspace{20pt}
Q Please define the source type of this emergency:
Q Does it involve \newline
Q \hspace{30pt} a \font{bm}fixed installation \font{nm}or \newline
Q \hspace{30pt} a \font{bm}transportation accident \font{nm} ?
OUT: source_type /
LOG: source_type /

Individual ACTION declaration are blocked between the keywords ACTION and ENDACTION.

The ACTION keyword is followed with a record containing the internal name (reference) of the action; please not that this string must not contain any blanks, use undersocre character "_" to separate words where necessary.

TI: This is followed by the display title, introduced by TI; please note that there is a space limit in the ACTION window header that will allow between 20 to 30 characters at most withou interference with the set of control buttons in the ACTION window header.

T:   Auto declares the ACTION as automatic: its corresponding FUNCTION (see below) will be executed automatically; the default requires a manual triggering with the button: DIOT, and acknowledgement of completion with the button: DONE.

V:   introduces the set of legal values or states of an ACTION; Rules can check for these states in their IF clauses, and set ACTIONS to ready to trigger them.

P:   pending timer setting, in seconds; ACTIONS that can, for whatever reason, not be complete immediately (e.g., because of a busy phone line), can be set to pending by the PENDING button ; they will be "backgrounded", and considered again in the forward-chaining rule evaluation loop as soon as the timer is expired.

Q:   Question (hypertext) fields: Please note that the records the Q keyword must not exceed 80 characters. The records contain hypertext, which can include text, imakes (the \picture{file.gif} keyword), values of other Descriptors defined in the Knowledge Base (the \value{DESCRIPTOR(descriptor_name)} contruct), hypertext links (\key{string}{file} and \icon{icon}{file} constructcs.

Text can be formatted with \font{}, \color{}, \hspace{}, \vspace{}, \newline and \bigpara commands.
For a complete description of hypertext syntax, please refer to the
RiskWare Reference Manual Section: HyperText Format.

FUNCTION:   ACTIONs can be used to trigger built-in or external functions; these functions are declared between the FUNCTION and ENDFUNCTION keywords. Depending on the setting of a T Auto record, they may be executed automatically when the ACTION is triggered or require a manual start with the DOIT button, see above.

FUNCTIONS a defined by name, and have in interface definition in terms of:

  • IN: list of input parameters (Descriptors)
  • OUT: list of output parameters (Descriptors)
  • LOG: the subset of parameters that should be placed into the Emergency Parameter Log.

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