RiskWare  On-line Reference Manual

Release Level 1.9
Release Date 2000 06

Revision Level 1.0


RTXPS supports a list of built-in functions, that can be triggered by ACTIONS in either an automatic or manual way, depending on the ACTION declaration: T Auto for automatic, else: manual.

The syntax of a function call in an ACTION declaration is:


The currently supported functions are:


This will pop-up an XPS Ask-box; depending on the type of the Descriptor this can be:

  • a symbolic selection (with out without rule-based inference)
  • a hybrid selection (with or without rule-based inference)
  • a string entry for Descriptors of the type: variable


displays a Chemical data base entry for the chemical name held by the Descriptor substance_name; please note that this descriptor is initialized at start-up from the file: ChemDB


displays an individual hypertext file section from a chemical MSDS; the path is defined in the defaults: *msds.path: explain/Chemicals


displays an arbitrary hypertext file within the set of search pathes defined by the variable explain-search-path


displays a Risk Object from data/objects based on its name (TITLE field of the object declaration) based on the current value of the Descriptor risk_object Please note that this Descriptor is initialized at start-up in an analoguos way to the Chemicals.


generates an editro tool with a compass to set the wind direction in an analog graphical way


start the assessment branch from the RTXPS branch; the scenario data and available models are controlled by the scenario type (defined in ./data/objects/scenarios) where individual scenario templates are associated with the values of the Descriptor emergency_type in the file: CONFIG


executes a system command with the argument: shell_command


executes a C-shell with the argument script; the path to script is defined by the defaults: *rtxps.bin.dir: ./bin


writes the current value of Descriptor in a file with the name (first 14 characters) of the descriptor; the file is located in a subdirectory of the log directory ./logs defined by the default: *rtxps.fax.dir: fax


generates a full screen hypertext version of the file: file,
the file is located in a subdirectory of the log directory ./logs defined by the default: *rtxps.fax.dir: fax and can be generated with any external script triggered by the function: shell(script) (see above).

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