RiskWare  On-line Reference Manual

Release Level 1.9
Release Date 2000 06

Revision Level 1.0

Simulation Models

A central tool in RiskWare are the emergency simulation models. Models can be built-in, or externally linked, accessible through the TCP/IP and http protocols over public Internet or dedicated private PPP conections, e.g., using EURO-ISDN.

The models simulate the evolution of an emergency situation over time, and in space. The basic set covers:

  • the accidental release of a chemical and its evaporation into the atmosphere;
  • atmosperic dispersion
  • that can be based on a diagnostic wind field;
  • advection and dispersion in surface water bodies (river segments);
  • explosion.

For each of these models, the input scenario is linked to one or more RiskObjects that provide the source term or parameters to estimate the source term.

The results of the simulations are displayed in both graphically (usually geographical) format as well as in tabular form.

For each model result, the embedded expert system can be used for an assessment of exposure, both in terms of area and population, as well as of environmental and material damages.

The basic set of simulation tools used in RiskWare includes:

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