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RiskWare: The chemical data base

The hazardous chemical data base in RiskWare stores the usual physical-chemical property information, toxicology data etc; it is implemented with a web-based interface, elements:

A hypertext version of the substances MSDS   (Material Safety Data Sheet)   according to 91/155/EEC (amended as 93/112/EC), and related information (an alternative implementation using the US MSDS structure is also available).

The hypertext implementation of the MSDS provides great structural flexibility (using object oriented design principles) and can accomodate different formats such as e.g., the US style (ie.g., EPA's Chemical Facts Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets - OHS, MSDS-CCOHS (Material Safety Data Sheets from the Canadian Center for Occupation Health and Safety).

In RiskWare, this data base can be used in several ways:
  • Direct access to the data base for the selection and display of a chemical;
  • Through the real-time emergency management expert system RTXPS, that offers both selection and display functions that can be triggered by Rules;
  • Selective display of individual articles of an MSDS, triggered by the Rules of RTXPS;
  • Loading of any or all of a substances properties from the data base into the systems' knowledge base for use by the simulation models and expert sytem inference.
On-line application example: A part of the industry oriented EMIS environmental management information system for industrial estates and RiskWare, a data base of hazardous chemical provides the physico-chemical and toxicological data for various risk simulation models, EIA, and EMAS/ISO 14001 assessment.

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