RiskWare: the product
    RiskWare prices, (2009/2010)

  Pricing options

For a single server, unlimited clients version (open ended, non-transferable binary license), including the above installation, training, and first year support package:

    RiskWare base system, web based € 80,000
    Stochastis risk assessment, multi-criteria optimization € 45,000
    Real-time extensions with prognostic meteorological models € 45,000
    Risk Management Training System € 25,000
    Environmental framework System: AirWare € 45,000
    Environmental framework System: WaterWare € 45,000
    3D groundwater modelling € 25,000
    3D coastal marine modelling € 25,000
    Annual support starting at € 12,000

Alternatively, we offer RiskWare as a remote on-line service, (SaaS, Software as a Service) where ESS as Application Service Provider (APS) maintains all necessary data bases, the simulation models, and a range of support tools and makes them available, fully supported, seven days a week twenty four hours a day for remote access through a secure Internet access to the ESS 8 Mb leased line server cluster. This requires only a simple web browser and Internet access as a client installation.

This service is offered on an annual subscription basis starting at € 24,000. Setup costs (data compilation and processing, system configuration, user training) depending on the size and complexity of the installation) are ranging from 25,000 to 75,000. In the case of a subsequent purchase of the RiskWare license for local operation, the setup costs are fully credited.

As an alternative option, we also offer customized distributed/hybrid installation combining local (client site) web and data base servers, connected to and supported by remote high-performance computer servers for complex, computationally demanding applications integrated on a subscription basis
RiskWare is also available in attractive turn-key configurations, pre-installed and ready-to-run on any multi-processor server/cluster under Linux (e.g., Ubuntu, Redhat).

Contact us for an offer and configuration proposal with the machine of your choice !

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