RiskWare: illustrated functionality

The RiskWare system provides and integrated framework for easy access to advanced tools of technological and environmental risk assessmenti, ranging from strategic planning to training and real-time emergency management.

RiskWare provides a flexible framework and set of components that can be configured to meet the information needs of a wide range of risk assessment and management tasks.

  RiskWare functionality

  • Integrated object data base management for hazardous chemicals (MSDS) and risk objects such as chemical plants, fuel depots, gas stations, airports, harbor installations, but also hospitals, fire engine depots, etc., linked to

  • A geographic information system (GIS) for the management of spatial data and the preparation of background maps; The embedded GIS is used for numerous display functions of spatial model results.

  • A suite of simulation and assessment models for strategic analysis and planning tasks, and fast emergency simulation, including models for substance release, fire, explosion, atmospheric dispersion, and soil contamination, linked to an

  • Embedded expert systems functionality for assessment and estimation tasks; based on a backward chaining approach, the rule-based expert system is used for estimation and classification tasks, from parameter estimation to model results interpretation.

  • A real-time Emergency Management Expert System for operational guidance, that can provide the framework for the analytical components and data bases, using a forward chaining approach with RULES and ACTIONS, including

  • linkage to on-line data acquisition tools for the real-time access to external data sources such as sensors, meteorological stations, imagery, or data bases e.g., for hazardous chemicals or a railway cargo data base;

  • External communication control such as the automatic sending of fax or e-mail messages with dynamically generated content are part of the assessment and reporting and documentation functions of the RiskWare system.

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