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RiskWare: the product
    RiskWare (2.x) is available in a number of configurations and options.

  Platforms supported

Depending on the models integrated, size, complexity and real-time performance requirements, RiskWare is implemented on a cluster of multi-processor servers with a local dedicated Gigabit network connection. The setup includes a web server, data base server, and one or more compute servers. In principle, they can be installed on a single machine. Supported architectures include:

  • Intel 64 bit Xeon (or 64 bit AMD multi-core processors) under Linux (e.g., Ubuntu, Redhat)
  • SUN SPARC under UNIX/Solaris
Other UNIX platforms can be supported on request.
    Client platforms:
    Any platform (workstation or PC with Internet access, private VPN or public) that supports a standard web browser
    (for the X11 based version: any platform (workstation or PC) that supports X11 in the same LAN with the servers).

  RiskWare base system

The RiskWare base system includes:

  • System framework with GUI (web based), help and explain hypertext, on-line manuals, system logs, user management;
  • Embedded hybrid GIS, can be used for fault/event tree modeling;
  • Risk object data base (hazardous installations, containers, impact area, monitoring stations/sensors);
  • Hazardous chemicals data base (MSDSa with 700+ examples, open structure/TEMPLATES), linked industrial waste streams;
  • Embedded rule-based expert system, backward chaining, assessment framworks for EIA (), ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, EMAS, etc.
  • Document management system for Safety Reports and Alarm Plans (Seveso Directive), contact addresses;
  • basic simulation models for:
    • Metodo Speditivo (fast assessment)
    • Chemical spills (single- and multi-phase release, pool evaporation)
    • Atmopsheric dispersion (a range of steady-state, multi-puff and fully dynamic 3-D models, diagnostic or (optional) prognostic wind field models.
    • Fire model (pool, trench, BLEVE)
    • Explosion (TNT and fuel-air charge blast models)
    • 1D stochastic soil/groundwater contamination model
    • Dynamic river spill model
Optional components:
  • Real-time Emergency Management real-time expert system framework and sample Knowledge Bases, prognostic 3D meteorological forecats (up to 120 hours, including regular daily to 6 hourly updates), provide decision support to a range of output devices from dashboard computers to 3G phones/PDA (GSM/GPRS/UTM)
  • Stochastic Risk Assessment including multi-criteria optimization including population exposure and non-linear damage functions, or risk control and mitigation strategies with economic valuation, data base on safety technologies, emission reduction, waste treatment
  • Regional dynamic boundary conditions for:
    • Air quality, including ozone and aerosol chemistry, dust entrainment;
    • Water resources (riverb basin dynamic hydrology and water budegsts);
    • 3D groundwater simulation;
    • Coastal water flow and quality, spill tracking.
  • Risk Management Training component, a distance learning extension of the real-time emergency management system.

The base system provides support for an unlimited number of local or remote (web based) institutional and individual clients.

Additional or alternative simulation models (e.g., for coastal marine systems, oil spills) 3D groundwater modeling, and/or heavy gas dispersion (e.g., SLAB) can be integrated on request.

Internet implementation

includes the client/server software for any industry standard web browser clients, unlimited number of clients, and an optional module for public environmental information (web server) for public access to Safety Report and Emergency Plan data (96/82/EC) or EIA information (Aarhus convention, 2003/65/EC).

  Maintenance, support, training

All RiskWare licenses and installations include,

  • On-site installation and testing;
  • Assistance with data preparations from electronic sources (excludes digitizing or manual data entry which we offer on a per-effort basis), first application building support;
  • User training; options include intensive courses on-site and on-the-job training at ESS;
  • One-year support, extended warranty and maintenance package.

Continuing maintenance after the first year, user support, and updates are offered on an annual support contract basis.

Contact us for quotations for

  • External high-performance model components;
  • Hazardous chamicals and MSDS data base;
  • Emergency management rule-base development.

  Pricing options

Alternatively, we offer RiskWare as a remote on-line service, (SaaS, Software as a Service) where ESS as Application Service Provider (APS) maintains all necessary data bases, the simulation models, and a range of support tools and makes them available, fully supported, seven days a week twenty four hours a day for remote access through a secure Internet access to the ESS 8 Mb leased line server cluster. Support also inclueds continuous updates and extended warranty as well as users support/training options (eLearning). This requires only a simple web browser and Internet access as a client installation.

This service is offered on an annual subscription basis starting at € 4,000/month . Setup costs (data compilation and processing, system configuration, user training) depending on the size and complexity of the installation) mount to 25% of the license costs for a local installation. In the case of a subsequent purchase of the RiskWare license for local operation, the setup costs are fully credited.

As an alternative option, we also offer customized distributed/hybrid installation combining local (client site) web and data base servers, connected to and supported by remote high-performance computer servers for complex, computationally demanding applications integrated on a subscription basis
RiskWare is also available in attractive turn-key configurations, pre-installed and ready-to-run on any multi-processor server/cluster under Linux (e.g., Ubuntu, Redhat).

Contact us for an offer and configuration proposal with the machine of your choice !

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