RiskWare Application:

SIGRIC:   Sistema di Gestione Rischio Chimico

SIGRIC, the Sistema di Gestione Rischio Chimico is a customized demonstration prototype based on   RiskWare.   It has been implemented in collaboration with the Italian group CAME of Pisa and the Consorzio Pisa Ricerche, for the Provincial Authorities of Pisa in the Regione Toskana, Italy.

SIGRIC has been designed for use by the Province and the Firebrigade headquarters. It combines   RTXPS,   a real-time expert system for emergency management, based on an integration of real-time forward chaining and backwards chaining strategies with data bases, GIS and interactive modeling for risk assessment and emergency simulation.

A guided tour

SIGRIC provides two basic modes of operation, a real-time emergency management mode and a planning and risk assessment mode.
The assessment branch offers a set of simulation models for toxic spills, explosions, which are also embedded into the real-time emergency management framework. The latter is designed to provide interactive guidance for an operator at Firebrigade headquarters coordinating the emergency response team.

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