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SIGRIC:   Sistema di Gestione Rischio Chimico

A guided tour:   Emergency Management

RTXPS the real-time expert system guides the user through the management of the emergency.
Using a Rule Base, the expert system triggers ACTIONS that suggest, step by step, appropriate management options to the operator: compiling the necessary information from external or system internal sources, establishing external communication links to institutions, field personnel, or automatic sensors, and forecasting the evolution of the emergency.

The dialog with the expert system is based ACTIONS that display both information for the operator as well as suggestions or instructions for his activities.

Data are collected from the operator with a series of AskBox windows, that present a specific question together with a set of answers to choose from, sliders for numerical values, or a text entry facility.

To facilitate data entry, the expert system can offer its deduction power in support of the operator: if a specific data item is not readily known, a backward-chaining expert systems offers related questions, until an appropriate answer to the original question can be deduced. Features such as display of the Rules processed, a Rule browser, and a a back-tracking explain facility support the expert system dialog.

ACTIONS can also involve more complex functions such as data base queries, data acquisition from on-line monitoring systems, external communication such as calling or sending a fax; and running one of the built-in emergency simulation and evaluation models: results from the simulation models are shown as map overlays, and the evaluation of the results (e.g., number of people exposed to a toxic substance) are propagated to the expert system's Rules to derive further instructions.

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