Traffic and air quality

    Setting up a new case study

    The Simtrap system provides an open framework of data and tools that can easily be adapted to a new application in a new location.

    Defining the scope

    The first step involves defining the scope of the intended AirWare application. The basic components include the GIS, DYNEMO/DYMOS scenario editing, street network editor and visualization/comparison of achieved model output. They form the core of the Simtrap system.

    Data requirements

    Simtrap requires the following basic data sets:

    Geographical Data

    background maps with administrative boundaries, landuse; satellite data or aerial photography and scanned maps can be used together with vector maps; digital elevation model (DEM) for complex terrain; the system can import data from all common GIS and IP systems;

    Road Network Information

    road network (geometry) graph for traffic emission/immission model; the system can import data from traffic simulation systems like EMME/2 or VISUM/DYNEMO.

    Meteorological Information

    a set of meteorological scenario files according to the Simtrap specifications.

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