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    SIMTRAP User Manual - Comparing Simulation Results

    The Simulation Comparision page allows the user to directly compare the results of two different scenarios per substance and timestep. It calculates the difference of the two scenarios and displays the result in a window, where the range of the colorscheme can be selected by the user. A scattergram visualizes the correlation of the two result matrices.

    Scenario Selection
    Displays the name of the current scenarios,the substance and the current timestep for each of the two scenarios.
    By clicking on the pulldown-button of the textfields the user is given a list of choices
    for scenarios,substance or time.
    Draws the ranges of the two scenarios according to the classification in the cellgrid display against each other in a histogram.
    Displays some statistical values like Min, Max and Mean.
    Cellgrid Control
    The display of the model results uses a color coded map overlay.The color coding can be controlled with the cell-grid controller tool.
    The controller supports:
    • selection of the color ramp;
    • selection of display style (opaque, translucent, isolines, interpolated);
    • selection of upper and lower display bounds.
    Icon Menu
    In addition the main icon menu supports:
    • zoom / unzoom functions
    • standard info and exit icons.

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