Traffic and air quality

    SIMTRAP User Manual - The client-server Model Interface

    Allows the display and/or editing of a Simtrap Scenario. It contains a map which shows the topography of the selected Street Network together with some network related information and a legend for the color settings of the current network.

    The remaining parts are described below:

    Simtrap Scenario Handler
    allows loading an saving of Scenarios.It displays some of the global descriptors
    like start time, duration and time step of the displayed scenario.

    Fleet Composition Summary
    Displays a summary of the selected fleet composition. A buttonclick on the piechart opens an dialog where the selected fleet composition may be edited.

    Trip Matrices
    Shows base and event trip matrices selected and their attached time intervall. A click on one of the file names allows the user to select a different set of matrices. Clicking on the time/multiplier field allows editing these values.

    Meteorological Scenario
    Displays the name and a short summary of the selected meteorological scenario. By clicking onthe window the user can select a different one out of a set of well defined scenarios.

    Background Emissions
    Shows the total amount of background emissions from industrial, household or point sources. Clicking on the window opens the Background Emission dialog where the user can increase or decrease the values of each of the background matrices by a factor.

    Icon Menu
    The functions of the Icon Menu from left to right: Simulation Result Page, Client-Server Dialog, Network Editor, GIS, Zoom In, Unzoom, Online Help, Return to startup page.

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