Traffic and air quality

    SIMTRAP User Manual - The Background Matrices Dialog

    To characterize the emission scenario for a simulation, the system offers a set of emission matrices that can be scaled. These matrices cover:

    • the basic substances: NO2, VOC, CO;
    • the basic source categories, i.e.:
      • traffic;
      • non moving traffic;
      • industrial sources;
      • households;
      • pointsources;

      In one of the three map windows the user can select and display any one of these matrices by clicking on the title of the map window. It is possible to increase or decrease the emission by clicking on the value in the selector. The fourth window shows the total sum of all emission classes, i.e., substance specific total annual emissions (in tons/year).

    To edit the multiplier, the standard editor tool of the embedded expert system is used.

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