Traffic and air quality

    SIMTRAP User Manual

    The Fleet Composition Dialog

    According to the Simtrap specifications the Fleet Composition Dialog contains tables for gasoline-powered, diesel-powered and vehicles of other categories according to the pre-Euro, Euro1 and Euro2 Emission standards. The Totals row at the bottom sums up the proportion of vehicles that are in the individual emission standards. At the right hand side there are 3 piecharts summarizing the proportion of vehicles out of the 3 main categories due to the Emission standards.

    The user now has the possibility to place the mouse over one of the values in the tables and click on it to edit the value. Before leaving the dialog, he has to make sure that the rightmost field in the Totals row is 100 percent again. Otherwise the user is forced to stay in the dialog.
    If he wants to leave the Dialog without changes, he can press the Reset button before leaving, to make sure all the values are restored from the original distribution.

    The Normalize button helps the user to achieve the 100 percent more easily. For example if you want to increase the total amount of vehicles in the Euro2 standard, you just have to edit the Totals-value of Euro2. If you press the Normalize-Button afterwards the system itself calculates the new values in the Euro2-row, so it sums up to 100 percent.

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