Traffic and air quality

    SIMTRAP User Manual - Base and Event Matrices Selection

    This Dialogs enables the user to select a set of event matrices to be used by the simulation. The selected Matrices can be restricted to a specific time intervall, which can be edited in the client server Scenario Page.
    The selector titled "Enabled Trip Matrices" shows the FMA-files currently used by the scenario. The selector titled "Disabled Trip Matrices" shows the FMA-Files available, but not used by the current scenario. A mouseclick on one of the enabled matrices removes it from the list and adds it to the list of dissabled matrices. Clicking on a filename in the dissabled list moves the FMA-file to the list of enabled - and currently used - event matrices.
    As event matrices are intended to be used for special events like socker games it is not possible to add to event-matrices of the same name to the scenario. If you have to do so please copy the FMA-file to a new one with a new name.

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