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    SIMTRAP User Manual - The Network Editor

    The Network Editor Interface supports the user with tools to display and edit individual parameters of street segments, like speed limit or total capacity.
    There is also the possibility to apply restrictions on the level of street types, which is speed limits and closure of links.
    Additionally the user can select a color coding scheme for the entire network. The Range entries in the Knowlegdebase for the selected Color attribute descriptor is used to classify the individual links properly.

    Scenario Selector
    It displays the name of the current scenario and allows the user to select a differten one.

    Global Link Settings
    It displays the various link types and allows the user to set speed limits or link closures to specific link types by clicking on the speed limit or closure column of the individual link types.
    The global parameter selector below let the user select time intervall and vehicle classes that are to be used when setting speed limits or link closures.

    Link Color Classification
    The colors of the street segments can be changed by selecting one of the Descriptors out of the list which is given when pressing the Color button. The legend below shows the colors currently used and their symbolic names. The names are specified in the Descriptor Knowledgebase - they are the symbolic names of the ranges.

    To see the attributes of an individual street segment the user can call a Street Segment Dialog by clicking on the apropriate segment on the map:

    Street Segment Dialog
    There are two lists of attributes, for the two possible directions. By clicking on one of the attributes the user may change it's value.
    Again there is the possibility to set speed limits and lane closures, which uses the current constraints settings as additional restrictions. Once speed limits or lane closures are set there will be symbols for each in the Details window. By clicking on them a list of made changes will appear and it is possible to undo one or all of them.

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