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    SIMTRAP User Manual - The Simulation Result Page

    The Simulation Result Page displays the Result Matrices returned from the Model Server. The Page can be entered, once the user has already started a Simulation for the current scenario on the Model server. The result matrices from the Model Server are requested on demand. Which means, the system first looks whether the result for the current timestep is available on the local harddisk. If it is not, the system asks the user whether he wants to retrieve the data from the Model server.
    The interface again consists of a Map Window with a scalebar and associated Cellgrid Control which allows modification of colors and ranges of the displayed result matrix.

    Scenario Information
    It displays the name of the current scenario, some of the global descriptors like start time, duration and time step and some network related information.

    Tape Deck
    It allows selection of the time step including the possibility of continuous animation.

    Substance and Layer
    Selection of Variables O3,NO2 displayed and selection of a vertical layer. The latter can be selected by clicking on the appropriate symbol in the layer selector.

    Cellgrid Control
    The display of the model results uses a color coded map overlay. The color coding can be controlled with the cell-grid controller tool.

    The controller supports:

    • selection of the color ramp;
    • selection of display style (opaque, translucent, isolines, interpolated);
    • selection of upper and lower display bounds.

    Icon Menu
    In addition the main icon menu supports:

    • togglin on/off the display of the street network.
    • switch on/off Four-Window mode
    • scenario comparision page
    • Gis interface page
    • zoom / unzoom functions
    • standard info and exit icons.

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