SMART: Sustainable Management
of Scarce Resources
in the Coastal Zone

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LEBANON: Tripoli and the Batroun Coastal Area


Rock face (fault) at the Musailaha castle The el-Jauz river, end of spring
The Musailaha crusaders castle, 12th century. The el-Jauz river
The drys tream bed of Hab, with some remaining flow of sewage, upstream view, and the corresponding downstream view.
Tripoli Hab water purification plant. Slopes of the Abou Alivalley, inland.
Abou Ali, with flow monitoring station Abou Ali, white water upstream of the Electrical Power Station
Pipeline feeding the Electrical Power Plant. Outfluw sluices from the power station.
Old fashioned rain gauge at the power station The private Bsarma sewage treatment plant in Koura plateau
Small tributary to the Abou Ali near Zghorta Branch of Abou Ali near Zghorta (Rachi'in)
Abou Ali entrance into Tripoli, upstream view Abou Ali entrance into Tripoli, downstream view
Tripoli coastal zone, beach barrier for solid waste dump protection (rock face) near Abou Ali mouth Tripoli coastal zone, Abou Ali mouth, with scattered solid waste

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