SMART: Sustainable Management
of Scarce Resources
in the Coastal Zone

Case Study Applications

SMART develops its approach and methodology in a set of parallel case studies in the five Mediterranean partner countries listed in the table.

The case studies use a common set of modelling tools for water resources management, coastal water quality, and land use change.

Case Study Area Population Country
Gediz River Basin, Izmir 18,000 km21,700,000Turkey
Tripoli, Batroun (Abu Ali)   300 km2400,000Lebanon
Gulf of Aquaba   500 km215,000Jordan
Abu Qir Bay   1,339 km2250,000Egypt
Hammamet   155 km269,000Tunisia

The approach is based on a multi-sectoral integration of quantitative and qualitative analysis, combining advanced tools of quantitative systems engineering using numerical simulation models, with methods of environmental, socio-economic and policy impact assessment using rule-based expert systems technology and interactive decision support methods.

Water resources modeling including both quantitative and qualitative aspects provides the framework for policy scenarios, exploring different development strategies, the consequences and implications of demographic, socio-economic, and technological development, and the interaction of these driving forces towards long-term sustainability of the coastal regions and their hinterland.

Common data sets and model scenarios

LUC scenarios LUC Manuals RRM Model Scenarios
WRM Model Scenarios Model Time Series Regional climate data

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