SMART:  Sustainable Management of Scarce Resources
in the Mediterranean Coastal Zone
Project Summary Project Objectives Policy Contributions Innovation Work Plan
Public Project Deliverables

Nr. Partner Deliverable name Due Type Level
D01.1 FEEM Requirements and Constraints Analysis 2003 05 RE PUB
D02.1 UATLA Identification of Problem Issues 2003 09 RE PUB
D02.2 UATLA Guidelines for socio-economic Analysis 2003 09 RE PUB
D03.1 ESS Water Resources Modelling Framework 2003 09 RE Res.
D03.2 SOGREAH Hydrological Simulation Modelling System 2003 09 RE Res.
D04.1 SUMER Data Compilation and Analysis Report 2005 02 RE PUB
D05.1 SUMER Case Study Report (Turkey):   Part 1;   Part 2;   Part 3;   Part 4;   Appendix I;   Appendix II;   Appendix III. 2005 05 RE PUB
D06.1 CEDARE Case Study Report (Egypt) 2005 05 RE PUB
D07.1 NCRS Case Study Report (Lebanon) 2005 05 RE PUB
D08.1 UAFOA Case Study Report (Jordan) 2005 05 RE PUB
D09.1 CNT Case Study Report (Tunisia) 2005 05 RE PUB
D10.1 FEEM Comparative Analysis of case Studies 2005 09 RE PUB
D11.1 ESS Project Web Server 2002 12 RE PUB
D11.2 ESS Dissemination Plan 2003 09 RE PUB
D11.3 FEEM Dissemination Report (user feedback) 2005 09 RE PUB
D11.4 ESS Technology Implementation Plan (eTIP, on-line at Cordis) 2005 09 RE Res.

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