SMART: Sustainable Management
of Scarce Resources
in the Coastal Zone

Project Related Publications

Shatanawi, M., Naber G., and Naber, S. (2005)
Management of Future Water Supply and Demand for Aqaba City in Jordan
Submitted to WATMED 2, November 2005, Marrakesh.
on-line abstract

Fedra, K. & Harmancioglu, N. (2005)
A web-based water resource simulation and optimization system
Submitted to CCWI 2005, Exeter.
on-line abstract

Fedra, K. (2004)
Water Resources Management in the Coastal Zone: issues of sustainability
In: Harmancioglu, N.B., Fistikoglu, O., Dalkilic, Y, and Gul, A. [eds.]: Water Resources Management: Risks and Challenges for the 21st Century. Proceedings of the EWRA Symposium, September 2-4, 2004, Izmir, Turkey, Volume I, 23-38 pp.
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Fedra, K. (2004)
Coastal Zone Resource Management: tools for a participatory planning and decision mkaing process.
In: Green, D.R. et al. [eds.]: Delivering Sustainable Coasts: Connecting Science and Policy. Proceedings of Littoral 2004, September 2004, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK., Volume 1, 281-286 pp.
on-line paper (PDF)

Shatanawi, M., Al-houri, Z., Freissinet, C., Mensencal, Y., Badran, M. and Manasrah, R. (2004)
Tidal Force and Wind Effect on the Hydrodynamics of the Gulf of Aqaba Using TELEMAC-2D

Presented at the INCO-MED Conference, Amman, June 14.
on-line abstract

Freissinet, C. , al-Houri, Z., Mensencal, Y., Shatanawi, M.
Gestion Durable des ressources en Eau en zone Cotier - SMART

Paper presented at the 6th Cannes Water Symposium, Cannes, June 2004
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Gul, A. (2004)
SMART Sustainable Management of Scarce Resources in the Coastal Zone

Poster presentation at the ECO-IMAGINE OPENING CONFERENCE GI & GIS FOR INTEGRATED COASTAL MANAGEMENT 13th - 15th May 2004, Seville, Spain
on-line abstract

El Raey, M.; S. Nasr; O. Frihy; Y. Fouda; M. Elhattab; O. Elbadawy and A. Shalaby (2004)
Remote Sensing And GIS For Sustainable Development of The Coastal Area of Abo Qir Bay, Egypt;

Submitted to EARSEL Symposium at Dubrovnik, May 2004
on-line abstract

Nasr, S., El-Raey, M., El-Shenawy, M., Okbah, M., Absulsoeud, A.,El-Hattab, M., Abdel Khalik, M. (2004).
Assessment of Water Quality of Abu-Qir Bay along the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt.

Submitted to: EARSEL Symposium at Dubrovnik, May 2004.
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Fedra, K. and Abdel-Rehim, A. (2003)

Accepted at: CoastGIS'03, Genoa, October 2003.
On-line Proceedings
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Khawlie, M. (2004)
Remote Sensing in Studying Stress Increase of Land Use Change for Water Resource Management

presented at the UNOOSA-ESA-Sudan Regional Workshop on the Use of Space Technology for Natural Resource Management, Environmental Monitoring & Disaster Management, Khartoum April, 2004
workshop web site

Fedra, K. and Feoli, E. (1998)
GIS Technology and Spatial Analysis in Coastal Zone Management. EEZ Technology, Ed. 3, 171-179.
on-line paper (PDF)

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