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      The ESS Research and Development Team

      Environmental Software & Services GmbH, Advanced Computer Applications (ESS-ACA)was founded in 1995 as a direct continuation of the Advanced Computer Applications (ACA) project of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria.

      To support the core staff, we collaborate with a growing number of research teams and developers world wide.

      The ESS research and development core team includes:

      • DDr. Kurt Fedra,   Austria   (Director)   Ph.D. (University of Vienna, biology),   Dr.sci. (University of Geneva, interdisciplinary);
        Environmental sciences, applied systems analysis, information and decision support systems design, teaching and training.
         CV (World Bank format)

      • Dr. Artem Babayan,   UK/Russia   (Software Consultant)   Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, Rostov State University
         CV (World Bank format)

      • Bernhard Fedra,   Austria   (Research assistant)   Molecular biology (Universtät Wien), mechanical engineering (HTL Mödling and Technical University of Vienna).

      • Dipl.Ing (FH) Rainer Fedra,   Austria   (Research assistant)   Biotechnology (FH Krems), multi-media technology, training systems.

      • Dr. Gabriela Heimhilcher,   Austria   (Research assistant)   Ph.D. (University of Vienna, biology). Project management, biology, Internet research
         CV (World Bank format)

      • Franz Karrer,   Austria   (Senior systems and appliction programmer)   Technische Universtät Wien, studies in Informatik.
         CV (World Bank format)

      • Dr. Christina Schwarz-Witwer,   Austria,   (Research scientist)  Ph.D. 2003 (University of Vienna, biochemistry, chemistry)
        environmental statistics, fate and transport modelling, chemistry, systems analysis

      • Dr. Maja Zuvela-Aloise,   Croatia,   (Research scientist)   Ph.D. 2005 (University of Kiel, Germany, physical oceanography)
        oceanographic, geophysical, climate and meteorological modeling
         CV (World Bank format)

      In addition to the permanent core team, ESS works with several consultants and external collaborators on a project by project basis, and maintains a large, world wide network of collaborating institutions covering a broad range of expertise and experience.

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