The primary objective of SUTRA is to develop a consistent and comprehensive approach and planning methodology for the analysis of urban transportation problems, that helps to design strategies for sustainable cities.

This includes an integration of socio-economic, environmental and technological concepts including the development, integration, and demonstration of tools and methodologies to improve forecasting, assessment and policy level decision support.

Combining an indicator based approach with simulation models and scenario analysis, socio-economic and environmental impact assessment, and a public information component, SUTRA includes awareness building end educational aspects for

citizens and stake-holders participating in urban decision making processes.

The cities collaborating and involved in SUTRA (Buenos Aires, Gdansk, Genoa, Geneva, Lisbon, Tel Aviv and Thessaloniki) differ widely in terms of culture, environmental conditions, size, economic structure, social composition and demography.

Despite these differences they all face common challenges in their transportation system such as those relating to air quality, noise, traffic congestion, but also related issues such as economic competitiveness, mobility, employment, maintaining their deteriorating infrastructure and built environment while reducing social exclusion and promoting sustainable development.

is funded by the Fifth framework programme of the European Community for research, technological development and demonstration activities (1998 - 2002) under the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Programme (EESD) and the Key Action: City of Tomorrow.

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