Project Reports and Deliverables

Nr. Partner Report name Authors
D01 ESS Requirements and constraints report (literature review and summary of city user specifications) K. Fedra
D02 ESS Data Availability Report (summary of the data requirements and the available data for each city (report and data base structure description) K. Fedra
D03.1 PTV Multi-modal transportation modeling (description of the basic modeling approach and methodology) J. Janko
D03.2 PTV Transportation model prototype (operational prototype based on the VISUM transportation model) J. Janko
D03.3 PTV Transportation model: user manual and example test sets for the prototype model J. Janko
D04.1 UAV Emission modeling (description of the estimation methodology and set of emission coefficients used)  
D04.2 UAV Operational emission model (operational prototype of the emission model)  
D04.3 UAV Street canyon modeling (description of the Lagrangian street canyon modeling approach: user manual)  
D04.4 UAV Operational street canyon model (operational prototype)  
D05.1 AUT Mesoscale meteo and air quality modeling (description and user manual, example data sets, calibration examples)  
D05.1-A AUT Mesoscale meteo and air quality modeling (ADDENDUM: City Applications)  
D05.2 AUT Operational air quality model system (operational implementation of the OFIS photochemical air quality model)  
D06.1 ESS EIA methodology (description of the assessment methodology and rule-based inference engine, user manual and knowledge engineering guidelines)  
D06.2 ESS Operational EIA tools and knowledge base (operational expert system with Rules and Descriptor definitions)  
D07.1 UGE Energy system analysis methodology (description of the multi-phase energy modeling and optimisation methodology)  
D07.2 UGE Energy system model: user manual for the operational prototype  
D07.3 UGE Energy system model prototype (operational prototype with test data sets  
D08.a FEEM Indicators and economic assessment:definitions of selected indicators.  
D08.b FEEM Indicators economic assessment: approach for the econometric assessment  
D09 TUG (UBG) Public health impacts assessment methods (theory, modeling approach, test data)  
D10 ESS Integrated assessment and DSS methodology (description of the reference point multi-criteria methodology) PDF file  
D11 FEEM Scenarios of urban development and sustainable urban transportation (description of the scenario assumptions and boundary conditions)  
D12.0 UAV Scenario analysis: Summary report (generalisation across all individual city reports)  
D12.2 TUG Scenario analysis: city report Gdansk  
D12.3 UGE Scenario analysis: city report Geneva  
D12.4 COG Scenario analysis: city report Genova  
D12.5 UAV Scenario analysis: city report Lisbon  
D12.6 MEI Scenario analysis: city report Tel Aviv  
D12.7 AUT Scenario analysis: city report Thessaloniki  
D13.0 MEI/ESS Scenario comparison and multi-criteria selection of policies and strategies  
D14.0 ARPAL Cross-comparison and benchmarking: general strategies for urban development  
D15.1 ESS Dissemination report (incl. documentation of the web server)  
D15.2 ESS Technology implementation plan  
D15.3 ESS DRAFT Final Report (initial draft)  

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