Ausgewählte Kapitel in GIS II

The 2004 GIS Applications lecture series includes two related modules on

  • Environmental Information Systems and Geoinformation
  • Spatial Environmental Decision Support Systems
The objective is to understand the context of use of GIS in a practical application domain (environmental management) and its integration with related methods such as simulation models, expert systems, and decision support tools that extend the analytical capabilities of traditional GIS; a number of real-world projects and applications will provide the background material and illustrations.

The emphasis of the lectures is on WHY and WHAT FOR, not so much HOW, of environmental GIS applications, and their ultimate use as decision support systems for better (environmental) planning and management.

A secondary objective is to develop some basic eLearning components with the material of the course, using student feedback as a major design input. Part 1: Environmental Information Systems and Geoinformation

Introduction Environmental Information Systems State-of-the-Environment Reporting
Environmental Systems, Modelling Environmental Modelling, Applications I Environmental Modelling, Applications II
Land Use Change Model example GIS and environmental modelling Decision Support Systems

Auxiliary material and tools:

A simple Gaussian model in a spreadsheet:
explore the basics:   plume.xls
An interactive on-line version (Java applet)
The Java applet
A few on-line model demos including air quality models:     assorted demos

On-line Tools:  Land use change model       Named user accounts can be created on request; eMail to:

Part 2: Spatial Decision Support Systems

Decision support systems:
Introduction, definitions, DSS paradigms
Multi-attribute DSS
Multi-criteria, multiple objectives, valuation,
application examples
Spatial DSS I
Application domains, example: TPS location
Spatial DSS II
regional development, site suitability, spatial optimisation
State of the environment reporting
philosophy, approach, examples
Environmental Impact Assessment
history, philosophy, legal frameworks, procedure, use of GIS, application example
Risk Assessment and Management
Environmental and technological risks, probabilistic spatial analysis
Uncertainty in environmental analysis I
definitions, sources, treatment, and interpretation
Uncertainty in environmental analysis II
DM under uncertainty

Summary: Environmental Decision Support Systems

    Environmental Decision Support Systems A thesis: summary and conclusions

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