Advanced Technical Training Systems:   technoloy assisted learning

Information and Decision Support Systems have always a didactic component: informing, problem solving and teaching are closely related.

The same basic information technology and in particular, multi media and distributed systems (Intra/Internet), visualisation and GIS, expert systems, and interactive simulation, that are at the core of information and decision support systems also form the basis of advanced technical training systems, whether they are classroom based or support on-line distance learning.

The advantages of computer-based interactive training, accessible through the Internet, are obvious: training is more efficient, reaching larger and distributed groups "asynchronously" learning is more flexible:

Anywhere, Anytime, On Demand:

  • training on demand, flexible timing;
  • flexibility of access through the Internet;
  • self-paced curricula, any time, any place;
  • time efficiency - program stops when the objective has been reached, individual scheduling;
  • immediate feedback and evaluation;
  • interactive and experimental approach, immersive experience, dialog oriented (simulated tutor);
  • transparent access to shared high-performance computational and information resources.


The basic tools in our on-line training system platform and environment is CouseWare, that integrates:
  • RTXPS, a real-time rule-based expert system (simulated tutor) for "Socratic dialog" with immediate feedback,
  • Multiple choice tests including background explanation and evaluations, and
  • Interactive models to explore complex processes and relationships.
Urban Ecology   (Stadtökologie;   Universität
Innsbruck, WS 2008/09, 2009/10, 2011/12)
Spatial Planning   (Raumordnung, Raumplanung   Universität Innsbruck, SS 2012) Spatial and Environmental Analysis
(Ausgewählte Kapital in GIS II, TU Wien)
Air quality assessment and management
(AQCC, Tehran)
Water Resources Management, DSS
(NBI/WB, Nile Basin riparian countries)
Impact Assessment: EIA/SIA
Environmental and Strategic Impact Assessment
Tutorial: Industrial Environmental Management
(also in Spanish)

ESS has developed a number of technology supported training systems, all related to its core information systems products as next generation manuals and tutorials, focused on environmental topics. These systems include:

AirWare on-line training material for the AirWare system, developed in the E! 3266 EUREKA WEBAIR project. NBI-DSS training material for decision support and integrated water resources management (IWRM/DSS), developed for the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI); MUTATE distance learning for advanced GIS training, with emphasis on spatial environmental modeling
A-TEAM advanced technical training for risk assessment and management, a EU funded research project under IST programme GAIA a global multi-media system for environmental education and training, an INCO-DC project AIR-EIA an Info 2000 project: a multi-media information resource for air quality and environmental impact assessment

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