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AirWare: air quality assessment and management, on-line training course

This on-line training course and component lectures are designed as an introduction to the AirWare system for both occasional user and systems administrators.

This collection of training material is an extension of the on-line       AirWare User Manuals.

The training material consists of

  • An on-line interactive TUTORIAL, a guided tour through the AirWare system.
  • Lecture notes (annotated on-line PowerPoint presentations),
  • Interactive tests, background reading and presentations,
  • On-line dynamic courses that leads to individual models and scenarios,
Interactive tests AirWare documentation:
  • file1   file2   file3
Background reading
  1. PDF documents for reading and download
  2. Air Quality Control technologies
  3. A participatory Glossary
Lecture notes

the training material can be used as a distance learning course, each of the two units will require approximately 12 hours excluding assignments, exercises, and background reading. The material can also be presented and discussed in two traditional training workshops of classroom delivery of five days each.

  • Part 1: Introduction and Background, including basic atmospheric science, modeling, emissions, impacts, historical and regulatory background, emission control and management options, DSS theory;

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