Advanced Technical Training Systems:   technoloy assisted learning

Proposal for course on

    Models in planning:   quantitative methods
    in Regional, urban and environmental planning

designed as a two hour/week lecture series with associated practical exercises, introductory lectures and web-based distance learning structure.

Proposed Content/lecture topics:

  2. Quantitative analysis: Epistemiology revisited
  3. What is a model ? Principles and terminology
  4. General Systems Theory (Bertalanffy)
  5. Mathematical Ecology: Diversity (Pielou)
  6. Cybernetics: feedback
  7. Systems dynamics (Forrester, Odum)
  8. Basics of economy: valuation, costs, benefits
  9. Game theory

  10. Laws of nature: physic and chemistry
  11. Analysis and calculus, revisited: solving equations
  12. Principles of statistical models
  13. First order logic, inference

  14. Growth: linear, exponential logistic,
  15. Movement: spatial dynamics
  16. Spatio-temporal systems: discretization
  17. Land use dynamics (Markov state transition models)
  18. Cellular automata, Conways Game of Life
  19. Transport and dispersion
  20. Meteorology and climate (change ?)
  21. Urban and industrial air quality, long range transport
  22. Ecological footprint, urban water supply
  23. Gravity models: explaining movements ?
  24. Transportation systems (O/D matrix, equilibrium)
  25. Site suitability, site selection
  26. Uncertainty and error analysis
  27. Rational Decision making

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