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TRAQS: an introductory offer


We take pride in announcing the availability of TRAQS, a new state-of-the-art software package for traffic and air quality management, and would like to invite you to be a pilot user of this system.

The link between vehicular traffic and air pollution is well established and authorities in metropolitan areas throughout the world strive to optimise their traffic management and environmental strategies for a sustainable development.

EU directives 96/62/EC, 96/44/EC, and 97/11/EC reflect this trend by setting standards for ambient air quality, traffic-related emissions and by mandating an environmental impact assessment for all major transportation projects.

With the growing emphasis on an integrated approach to environmental and transportation planning, engineers in administrations and independent consultancies need the right toolkit for assessing the impact of planning options and for providing decision support to policy-makers.

Now three experienced software vendors (ESS, GMD First, PTV system) have joined forces to create TRAQS - a one-stop simulation model that goes from traffic flow to emissions, dispersion and photochemistry. Three international research projects ( SIMTRAP , ECOSIM , HITERM ) funded through the European Commission have laid the foundation for this computationally challenging product.

For the final step we need you. We would like the product to meet your requirements to the fullest possible extent.

This is best achieved by a careful evaluation of the feedback from pilot users. Therefore we offer you an introductory subscription model which gives you the unique opportunity to shape the product to your needs.

For a limited introductory period, the TRAQS Pilot Package is offered to qualified end users at an attractive price. This offer includes the base license for the product, consultancy, and continuing support:

  • individual discussion of your typical range of applications and required functionality for the customization of an appropriate hardware and software solution including the development of an
  • individual project timetable; on-site installation and training, assistance with data preparation;
  • continuing support, maintenance, and upgrades for your pilot installation over a six months period.

Check the product description, which is intended to answer your immediate questions about TRAQS. More information is just an e-mail away:   We will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you and to tailor our offer to your needs.

TRAQS is a product of the Esprit HPCN project SIMTRAP (22689)
with contributions from the projects HITERM (esprit) and ECOSIM (Telematics), funded in part by the European Commission.
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