WaterWare:     The Yangtze River   case study application

System specifications

The system installed is Release 5.0 of WaterWare.

This is a fully client-server based implementation under Linux/UNIX with any computer supporting a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla) as a client. It can be run

  • On a local workstation or mobile computer;
  • From a server in an INTRANET/LAN with either standard PCs or workstations as clients;
  • For distributed clients with WAN/Internet access to the server.
The system consiste of a set of data bases (MySQL), display and editing tools (PHP and cgis) and simulation models (cgi with PHP based GUI).

The main systems level components required for a run-time system are:

  1. Apache web server
  2. MySQL data base
  3. PHP interpreter on the server;
  4. GD graphics library (2.0 or better);

  5. standard web browser on the clients, pop-up windows, Javascript, and Java (JVM 1.2 or better) enabled; client graphical resolution is a minimum of 1024*768, true color.

System Components

  1. Main Menu
  2. RiverBasin Object data base
  3. Monitoring stations and time series analysis
  4. Water Resources Model (incl. conjunctive use groundwater model)
  5. Rainfall-runoff model
  6. Irrigation water demands model
  7. STREAM dynamic water quality model
  8. SPILL/BLTM water quality model
  9. XGW 2D groundwater flow and transport model
  10. EIA ruel based expert system for environmental screening
  11. GIS embedded GIS/map server
  12. On-line WaterWare manual

Administrative tools

  1. User management
  2. Knowledge Base management
  3. Time Series import (model input and monitoring data)
  4. GIS data import

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