Irrigation management: Paphos, Cyprus

Installation instructions:

    1.   UBUNTU/Linux operating system

    The UBUNTU Installation is based on 2 CDs which are available as iso files ion-line:

    Burning bootable CD iso image from the on-line files:

    On windows there is a freeware called "Infra Recorder".
    But any CD burner software on that computer (like Nero) could be used as well.

    Installation Recipe:

    • insert CD called ubuntu desktop and switch on power
    • select "Start or install ubuntu" from the installation main menu
    • as soon as there is a desktop, double click icon called "Install"
    • select language (English), location, keyboard layout
    • in section "Prepare disk space" select "use entire disk"
    • create an user and specify a computer name
    • do provide us with this information by eMail, please !
    • as soon as the installation has finished and the computer restarted, login
    • click on network icon (upper right corner), select "Manual configuration", and specify connection details:
      IP, domain name, network mask at least. a kind of standard interface
    • reboot and login again
    • insert second CD called ubuntu server which should start Synaptic package manager (if it did not, start it manually from a pull-down menu called system, administration
    • in the package manager select ssh and click "apply" THEN configure the firewall or router, network access
    • do provide us with this information by eMail, please !

    At this point we should be able to connect given IP and user name/password and CONTINUE the installation !

    2.   WaterWare

    • Please insert the WaterWare CD in the LInux server
      and inform ESS if and when ready, WaterWare will be installed and configured remotely.

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