WaterWare: The Product

Pricing options     (version: June 2016)

For a (multi processor) server or cluster, single location/institution, unlimited clients/users unlimited application size/dimensions (open ended, non-transferable binary license), including basic installation, training, and initalsupport for application building and customization for a one year project starting with FAT.
Please note: every application/project should be preceded by a careful analysis of user requirements, system/problem struture and data availabyility to configure the most appropriate components and system.
All prices in Euro:

    Base system
    WaterWare base system incl. installation and set-up (operational examples and templates); includes basic dynamic water budget simulation model (WRM, arbitrary precision topological network model) and associated OBJECT data bases 80,000
    Monitoring data management (including real-time data acquisition via any TCP/IP based protocol) data assimilation for models 20,000
    Main component models
    RRM rainfall-runoff semi-distributed rainfall-runoff model (daily or hourly resolution) 30,000
    RRM automatic calibration tool (minimal data requiremens) 20,000
    RR3D fully distributed rainfall-runoff model 30,000
    IWD irrigation water demand multi-criteria optimization of irrigation systems; requires the DMC discrete multi-criteria post-processor and DSS. 30,000
    SPILL local water quality BLTM derived local high-resolution water quality model, downstream from individual release point like tretment plants. 20,000
    NPLOAD dynamic non-point source pollution model, links to the STREAM water quality model (for lateral catchment along reaches and subcatchment start nodes), can optionally use MM5 hydro-meteorological data for precipitation (intensity) data 25,000
    STREAM network water quality dynamic water quality model on the basic topological WRM river network water quality model 25,000
    WRF/MM5 Integration of model output from the 3D prognostic meteorological model to generate detailed, distributed (hourly, 3-1 km resolution) hydrometeorological time series for arbitrary locations; forecasting (using GFS data) and arbitrary historical periods (FNL re-analysis data) to drive several models (forecasting, scenario analysis, operational control) including:
    • RRM rainfall-runoff model,
    • RR3D rainfall-runoff model,
    • IWD irrigation water demand model,
    • WRM water resources model,
    • NPLOAD non-point source pollution model;
    Optimisation options
    WRM Optimisation multi-objective multi-criteria non-linear optimisation of the complete WRM dynamic simulation model including economic assessment, cost-benefit analysis, 2 stage procedure with satisficing and reference point approach, genetic programming; includes a water technology data base, DMC discrete multi-criteria DSS. Please note that the MC optimization runs (first phase satisficing) are provided as a remote computational service only. 50,000
    IWD Optimisation multi-criteria optimization of irrigation systems; please note that the optimization runs are provided as a remote computational service only; requires the DMC post-processor and DSS. 25,000
    Water Quality Optimisation and waste allocation, multi-criteria optimization for the STREAM water quality model, complete economic assessment, uses WRM flow scenarios and a linked water technologies data base; please note that the MC optimization runs are provided as a remote computational service only. 35,000
    DMC discrete multi-criteria DSS, reference point methodology; fully integrated post-processor for WRM optimization, can also be used as a stand-alone module with alternative data import tools 25,000
    Real-time extensions
    MM5/RRM/WRM  real-time operational control: meteorological forecasts (up to one week), continuous water resources and water quality modeling with optional data assimilation, reservoir operations, embedded optimization for diversions/allocation (please note that the MC optimization is provided as a remote computational service only. 60,000
    RTXPS  real-time expert system framework for MM5/RRM/WRM scheduled and event based continuous operations, communication, alerts and alarms 25,000
    Auxiliary models
    XGW 2D vertically integrated FE groundwater flow and transport model, optionally MODFLOW/transport model (3D) integration 35,000
    ROMS integration of the 3D oceanographic model for near field coastal flow and quality (river delta, ocean outfalls) simulation 65,000
    LUC dynamic land use/land cover change model, including dynamic driving forces (time series) and RULE editors, combines a probabilistic Markov model and rule-based transition probabilities, using CORINE or USGS Land use classes, FAO soils, and high-resolution vegetation maps. 25,000
    EIAxpert EIA/SIA, screening level impact assessment, checklist based, integrates WRM/STREAM scenario runs 25,000
    Application building
    Active application building or data processing, customized development (remote, web based or on-site) beyond basic user support (answering questions, documentation upgrades) depending on application scope and complexity (by effort or lump sum) case by case
    Continuing support
    Annual support (remote, Internet based) and upgrade/maintenance packages starting at 1,000 plus 1% of the license costs /month. starting at 24,000
    Remote hosting with full support, minimum subscription is one year, then quarterly
    Hosting with complete support package for remote operation including extended warranty, on a subscription basis including unlimited server use, costs depending on system components, and application scope and size. Annual cost: starting at 24,000
    LUMP SUM offers
    BUNDLE 1 Base system, main components models, optimization 300,000
    BUNDLE 2 as above, real-time extensions 400,000

    SaaS: Software as a Services:
    Fully supported remotely hosted installation ,requires a reliable broadband Internet access for the clients. Minimum durations: one year; License to use is priced at 10% of the nominal total license/year. Requires the corresponding support package.
    Related lease-purchase options are also available on a case-by-case basis.

WaterWare is also available in attractive (no surcharge beyond CIF) turn-key configurations, pre-installed and ready-to-run on Intel- or AMD based Linux (latest Ubuntu LTS version) servers (e.g., Dell PowerEdge) or any comparable 64bit high-end servers.

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