WaterWare Release Notes
    Release Level 5.1
    Release Date 2006 06
    Revision Level 1.0
WaterWare Release 5.1 is fully web based and now includes all features of previous workstation versions. Access is user and pasword controlled, and clients can use any industry standard HTML web browser. A configuration check is available to verify basic configuration options (support for pop-up windows, Javacrsipt, Java VM). AN optional generic guest account is also available.

Model and data bases are located at a central server (or cluster of servers connected on a local high-speed network) , users access the system locally or remotely through LAN or Internet with a standard web browser as the only client side tool required.

The main WaterWare server and clients can be located anywhere on the web, on one single machine including high-end portables, within an end-user institution facilitating access through the institutional Intranet but also for distributed, remote departments, field offices and users, or with an external Application Service Provider (ASP) that also provides auxiliary services such as data compilation, processing, system configuration, model calibration, data base maintenance and data backup, etc.

Currently in beta testing: Update Release R5.2 Please refer to the on-line version in OPTIMA .

Major System Components

Water Resources
basin-wide dynamic daily water budget model with conjunctive surface and groundwater use.
Water Quality
a dynamic basin wide surface water model post-processing water resources scenarios.
Water Quality
dynamic near-field model for accidental release.
fully transient 2D flow and transport model.
dynamic sub-catchment water budget model.
Irrigation Water Demand
seasonal estimates of supplementary water demand.
Object Data Base
for River Basin object classes and objects.
  Impact Assessment
EIA expert system for environmental screening.
Monitoring Data
display and analysis tools for monitoring stations and observation time series.
embedded GIS functionality.

Integrated Administrative Tools

  • User Management
  • KnowledgeBase Editor
  • EIA Problem Editor
  • Time Series import
  • GIS data import

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