WaterWare Release Notes
    Release Level 5.0
    Release Date 2005 06
    Revision Level 1.0

EIA Environmental Impact Assessment

EIA is a rule-based expert system for screening level EIA based on a checklist approach.

The unit of analysis is a project or project alternative that is classified according to a checklist of potential problems that is project type specific.

The primary selector shows the object classes supported and available. With every project name, the basic meta data attributes such as name, owner, and modification dates are shown.

For a given project or project alternative, the set of applicable potential problems to be evaluated is shown, grouped in problem classes the reflect the project cycle:

  • planning and design
  • location selection
  • construction phase
  • operational phase
  • monitoring and mitigation
and a as a separete group, and economic evaluation (cost/benefit).
In the overview, a color coded tick indicates the evaluation or status of each potential problem:
  • undefined (not yet analysed)
  • no groblem
  • marginal problem
  • small problem
  • medium problem
  • major problem
These values can be assigned by an expert user or derived from the set of RULES associated with the problem descriptor.
Individual problems from the checklists are displayed with:
  • a header with the meta data for the assessment (user, creation and modification dates);
  • text fields for:
    • Description of the problem and impacts;
    • Description if possible mitigation measures;
  • the current classification;
  • three control buttons:
    • start the inference for the current problem;
    • reset the knowledge base for the current target (problem descriptor);
    • reset the entire knowledge base.

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