WaterWare Release Notes
    Release Level 5.0
    Release Date 2005 06
    Revision Level 1.0

EIA Knowledge Base Editor

A dedicated editor is available to manage the Knowledge Base and checklists for the EIA environmental screening expert system

The primary selector shows the problems available across all checklists. With every project name, the basic meta data attributes such as name, owner, and modification dates are shown.

Problems can be selected for editing, or a new problem can be generated, again leading to the editor but with an empty template.
In the editor, a problem can be associated with one or more project types, and problem classes, ranging from design and planning to construction, operations, and mitigation.

Each problem has an associated top level descriptor that defines the possible severity, ranging from no problem to major problem. In addition, each problem has two larger text fields associated:

  • A description of the problem, its causes, and their interactions, as well as the possible impacts;
  • A set of possible mitigation measure that can be used to minimize these impacts.

The assessment of each potential problem from the checklists is done in terms of RULES.

These are first order production rules, implementing first order logic principles or modus ponens.

The set of rules that lead to the possible assessment level from no problem to major problem can be listed for each problem.
A dedicated editor assists in formulating syntactically correct RULES.

Within a given template, the user can select the possible values for operators and symbolic variables (Descriptors) that can be used in the IF-THEN Rules, including nested AND and OR clauses.

The editor for these symbolic variable that define the severity level of problems includes a question that the user is asked in the interactive assessment, and the definition of the legal values the variable can take.

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