WaterWare Release Notes
    Release Level 5.0
    Release Date 2005 06
    Revision Level 1.0

User Management

Release 5.0 has installed its own user management to control remote access. Access is controlled by user name and password. Users are organized in several groups with different privileges:
  • GUEST - a shared account for guest external visitors,
  • USERS - normal, named accounts that have read access to all file, and write access to their own file,
  • ADMIN - administrative user that full red and write access to all files
  • ESS - users for the remote support group.

User management starts with a list of current users; they can be selected for editing, or a new user can be added.
A new user is defined by

  • a user name
  • first and last name, email address (this is used to re-send the current password on request);
  • Group affiliation;
  • Password (and a Confirmation filed when creating or changing a password);
  • Status (active or not).

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