WaterWare Release Notes
    Release Level 5.0
    Release Date 2005 06
    Revision Level 1.0

2D Groundwater Flow and Transport Model

XGW is a 2D (vertically integrated) dynamic (fully transient) groundwater flow and transport (quality) model.
Scenarios are defined by
  • scenario meta data (name, short description, owner, creation and modification dates, location),
  • the model parameters (grid size and resolution, time step and duration),
  • a set of matrices that describe initial and boundary conditions,
  • set of wells/pumps,
  • time series of dynamic inputs.

The matrices used in the model include:
  • depth of the aquifer
  • porosity
  • transmissivity
  • initial head
  • recharge multiplier
  • initial concentration

The main input are defined for individual location, or wells. They can represent:
  • extraction wells, with a dynamic flow,
  • observation wells (passive, only for output),
  • recharge wells, with a dynamic flow,
  • pollution sources with flow and concentration, both time variable.

The time series of flow and concentration values are selected, loaded, and possibly imported with the standard set of tools.
Model results consists of a sequence of matrices with the two main variables:

  • head
  • concentration
and time series of these values for the set of well/pump locations.

The individual locations are shown on a selector list indicating the types (extraction or recharge well, observation well, pollution source) and its location in model grid coordinates.
Results at a given well location are shown as time series.

In parallel, the matrices for hydraulic head and concentration can be viewed in an animated sequence under a tape deck like control.

The time series graphs show both concentration and hydraulic head, as well as the pumping rate in the case of an extraction or recharge well or a pollutant source.
The user can switch been the two output variables, hydraulic head and concentration, and combine the animated display with the graphs for specific location selected from the list of all wells and observation points.

A color coded legend under the model animation window indicates the range of numerical value shown.

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