WaterWare Release Notes
    Release Level 5.0
    Release Date 2005 06
    Revision Level 1.0

XPS Knowledge Base Editor

A dedicated editor is available to manage the Knowledge Base (Descriptors and associated RULES) for the embedded XPS backward chaining expert system.

The primary selector shows the Descriptors available, which can be sorted by name, author, or modification date. With every Descriptor name, the basic meta data attributes such as name, owner, and modification dates are shown.

For the descriptor, an interactive editor is available. The editor compiles the meta data name, description, author, creation and modification dates, and descriptive information such type and format, and unit where applicable.

The descriptor definition includes:

  • the legal values (symbols and numerical ranges);
  • the question text that is used in the editor tool (Java applet);
  • the list of associated rules.

The editor also offer s preview function for the definition.

The preview shows how the definition is interpreted by the interactive editing tool (a Java applet) that uses the Descriptor definition to configure the the tool used to set a specific value.
The rules associated with a Descriptor fall into two groups:

  • Rules that set that Descriptor
  • Rules that use the Descriptor.
These are first order production rules, implementing first order logic principles or modus ponens.
The list of rules leads directly to the editing tool for RULES. A dedicated editor assists in formulating syntactically correct RULES.

Within a given template, the user can select the possible values for operators and symbolic variables (Descriptors) that can be used in the IF-THEN Rules, including nested AND and OR clauses.

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