WaterWare:   Reference Applications

WaterWare is a modular, interactive water resources management information system, integrating results of the EUREKA project EU487 and related RTD projects; The system has been developed through a series of applications to:

River Thames England   Lerma-Chapala basin Mexico
West Bank, Gaza Palestine   Yangtze River China
Gediz River Turkey   Dhiarizos River Cyprus
Abou Ali River Lebanon   Litani River Lebanon
Aqaba coastal zone Jordan   Zarqa River Jordan
Wadi Zeimar / Alexander Palestine/Israel   Hammamet coastal zone Tunisia
Melian River Gulf of Tunis, Tunisia   Kelantan River Malaysia
Martil River Tetouan, Morocco

WaterWare is being developed on the basis of concepts and results of the EUREKA project EU487; the initial case study in this project addressed the Thames basin in England, and was sponsored by Thames Water International Ltd.
The Thames basin covers an area of approximately 13,000 square kilometers and supports a population in the order of 12 million including that of London.

The Lerma-Chapala system was commissioned by the National Water Commission, (CNA) Queretaro, Mexico, and implemented in collaboration with the Grupo Profesional Planeación y Proyectos, S.A de C.V. (PYPSA) and Thames Water International (TWI). The Lerma-Chapala catchment is situated in central Mexico. It covers a total area of more than 54,000 km², with a difference in altitude of 1100 m. The main branch of the Lerma rivers has a total length of more than 700 km. Five states have a share in the catchment, which includes 40 major subcatchments and tributaries.

Sponsored by the British ODA through the University of Newcastle, the Palestinian version of WaterWare was developed for the Palestinian Hydrology Group. The geographical domain includes the West Bank and Gaza.

The main emphasis of this application is the analysis of available water resources based on the time-series data of hydrometeorological variables.

In cooperation with the local companies PADIMAS and LANDASAN, WaterWare was implemented for the National Hydrological Research Institute (NAHRIM) in a case study for the Kelantan river in Kelantan Province, a rice growing area in the north-east of the country.

The application supports basin wide water resources management with emphasis on the paddy growing areas of around 30,000 ha under the Kelantan State Development Authority (KADA). This area is in the coastal belt of the Sg. Kelantan River.

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