Integrated Water Resources
Planning and Management

User Manuals, tutorials

WaterWare has an extensive set of on-line user and reference manuals (web accessible hypertext formats). An optional module provides interactive tutorials, using an advanced   distance-learning system.

User Interface

These main components are integrated with an interactive and graphical user interface designed for users with little or no computer experience. For a collection of user-interface examples, see also: The WaterWare Image Gallery

An extensive data base (with HTML output formats for easy browsing) provides background information on legislation, pollutants, emission sources and coefficients, models, health effects, and control technologies.

WaterWare is a fully web-based system, that supports thin clients that only need any one of the standard web browser installed.

Platform support

WaterWare is currently supported for Linux systems, and UNIX servers (e.g., SUN Sparc/Solaris). The system is designed for distributed, web-based access, supporting multiple clients through the Internet.

The main logical server (from a single machine to a HPC cluster) maintains the data bases, models, and dynamic page generation for the interactive tools using server-side technologies, mainly cgi and PHP, and an Apache web server. As an alternative, an X11 based version, sharing the same data bases, is also available.

Clients can be and PC, laptop, or mobile device with Internet access and a standard web browser.,

For a WaterWare server, a high-end multi-processor PC/workstation or server is recommended; this may be augmented by a cluster of dedicated servers for specific tasks such as the RDBMS, web server, compute servers, etc. Configuration depends on the number of simultaneous users and the models installed; computing power on-demand for demanding models such as the optimization tools can be supplied through a distributed ASP model, together with complete mirror installations including on-line technical and application support, real-time CRM, distance learning components, and backup and disaster recovery options.

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