WaterWare: Groundwater Modeling

The WaterWare water resources management information system provides the framework for a number of simulation models, including 2 and 3D multiple phase groundwater models.

The groundwater model XGW is integrated with the GIS, object data bases, and an embedded expert system, and are also available as stand-alone components, designed for the support of groundwater management and aquifer restoration problems. Rule-based estimation of pumping rates for wells and hydraulic barriers, and the estimation of contaminant source terms from land fills or accidental spills support the interactive modeling process. Linkage to a Hazardous chemicals data base provides the necessary physico-chemical and toxicological substance properties. The expert system also includes a generic interface to numerical functions and models, including the simulation of pumping tests and economic analysis.

Through the GIS and the links to the spatial object data bases , the system also offers tools for the display and analysis of hydro-meteorological and monitoring time-series data.

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XGW is a 2D, vertically integrated groundwater flow and transport model, that is highly efficient and allows fast, interactive use and on-line animation.

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