Technological Risk Management:
The XENVIS information system

Client: State Institute for Environmental Health (RIVM)
Country: The Netherlands
Duration: 1995 -- 1998

A continuation of the original VROM project started in 1986 by the Ministry for Housing, Physical Planning and the Environment. The system is in daily, operational use at RIVM.

The latest contract provides continuing maintenance and support for the XENVIS system as well as major extensions to the spatial risk assessment functionality.

XENVIS offers a national level GIS with linked data bases for risk objects like Seveso-class chemical process plants; a hazardous chemicals data base is linked to the plant's safety audits and risk evaluations. Models for transportation route selection, tracing spills into surface water systems, and continuous and accidental atmospheric releases support the risk assessment.

An interactive   Java Demo   illustrates the emergency response model integrated in XENVIS.


Related projects that address techniological risk assessment and management as well as risk information include:

Color Icon GRIBS,   a technological risk management information system for the City and Kanton of Basel, Switzerland;

Color Icon HITERM,   an ESPRIT/HPCN project on high-performance computing and networking for technological and environmental risk management.

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