Technological Risk Management:
The XENVIS information system

XENVIS is an interactive, modular information and decision support system for technological risk assessment and management. The system has been developed in collaboration with and under contract to VROM, the Dutch Ministry for Physical Planning, Housing, and the Environment, and RIVM, the Duct Institute for Environmental Health.

XENVIS designed to support regulatory and risk assessment and management tasks, within the framework of national and European legislation such as the so-called Post-Seveso Directive (82/501/EEC).

In its latest release now called   CENVIS   the system is linked to data bases for a range of installations, nationwide, and a hazardous chemical data base, as well as fate and transport models with interactive population exposure estimation.

The original XENVIS system integrates:

  • A national level geographical information system (GIS), which is connected to
  • Several interlinked data bases, e.g., hazardous substances and hazardous industrial installations with their safety audits;
  • Simulation models for industrial air pollution, for continuous and accidental release;
  • A water quality model for the assessment of toxic spills to surface water systems;
  • A rail and road transportation path generator for transportation safety analysis.

The graphical user interface incorporates a context sensitive hypertext help- and explain system, and embedded expert system components that can assist users in scenario specification, parameter estimation, and the interpretation and further analysis of model results or plant specific safety data including their regulatory assessment.

XENVIS also serves as a pre- and post-processor for TECHNICA's SAFETI fault- and event tree risk assessment package, incorporating its results, eg., as risk contours around a plant, in the data bases and displaying them at the GIS level.

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