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The XENVIS information system

XENVIS provides an information system for hazardous installation and hazardous chemicals stored or produced at these plants.

Hazardous Installations Data Base

Linked to the GIS, the installations multi-media data base summarizes plant characteristics including administrative, economic, and technological data, safety audit information, the current state of risk assessment, and the hazardous chemicals stored, used or produced at the plant. This list of chemicals provides the linkage to the hazardous chemicals data base.

The Hazardous Chemicals Data Base

The hazardous chemicals data base currently includes more than 500 priority chemicals. The data base is accessible from several other modules in the system, including a direct entry via a data base selector and summary page. A chemical can either be selected by name, or from lists of chemicals, e.g., the chemicals stored at a plant. Chemical profiles include synonyms, production data, physico-chemical properties, toxicological data, and regulatory information. Other modules such as the river water quality model or the atmospheric dispersion models can automatically download the parameters for a given chemical for their environmental impact calculations calculations.

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