Color Icon Technological Risk Management:
The XENVIS information system

XENVIS offers a national level GIS with linked data bases for risk objects like Seveso-class chemical process plants; a hazardous chemicals data base is linked to the plant's safety audits and risk evaluations. Models for transportation route selection, tracing spills into surface water systems, and continuous and accidental atmospheric releases support the risk assessment.

Model input parameters are loaded automatically from the data bases where feasible, and the accident scenarios are designed interactively be the user with the help of a rule-based expert system.

Assessment Models

A dynamic river model of the Rhine-Maas system describes the propagation of toxic spills over time and space, keeping track of transport, dispersion, and substance decay. The original simulation model was developed by Delft Hydraulics.

The rule-based expert system estimates the likelihood and extent of a possible fish kill and related long-term environmental and ecological damage.

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