Data Resources: Hazardous Chemicals Data Base

Several of ESS systems include a hazardous substances data base, that provides chemical property data for the various simulation and assessment models.

In RiskWare and its implementations such as SIGRIC the chemical data base entries are structured according to the directive 91/155/EEC, containing both the 16 articles of the European MSDS scheme in hypertext format (XML/HTML), as well as a database component for a large set of numerical and text atributes. The hypertext includes dynamic components instantiated from the data base contents.

Links to external data bases and information resources, like the US EPA's Office for Pollution Prevention and Toxics Chemicals Facts Sheets and several on-line MSDS data bases can provide additional information. Numerous MSDS have been converted to HTML format for direct inclusion with RiskWare's embedded browser.

Chemicals are linked to process plants and storage sites, and in turn can provide links to further toxicological information used for impact assessment, production process information, waste streams, regulations, and the meta data describing the sources of the information.

Identification and retrieval of chemicals is supported by name including numerous synonyms, CAS, UN and EC numbers, and from lists sorted by a number of important characteristics. The substance lists of various EU Directives are at the core of the chemical data bases.

A number of projects utilize various implementation of the hazardous chemicals data base, including:

In a typical implementation in SIGRIC, the Sistema di Gestione Rischio Chimico for the Province of Pisa, Regione Toscana, Italy, the data base is closely integrated with RTXPS, a real-time expert system for emergency management, and a set of emergency simulation models, that directly use the physical chemical property data from the data base.

The data base combines numerical and symolic fields that are directly accessible to the expert system and its rules, and parallel hypertext pages for material safety data sheets (MSDS).

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