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ESS RTD projects

ESS participates in a growing number of international research and development projects, that provide valuable inputs to our software products.

E! 1388 a EUREKA EUROENVIRON project for urban/industrial air quality management (ongoing). NIR non-ionizing radiation: a management information system for electro magnetic smog in Liguria, Italy
MUTATE a distance learning project for advanced GIS training in Europe, with emphasis on spatial environmental modeling AIR-EIA an Info 2000 project developing a multi-media information resource for air quality and environmental impact assessment
HITERM: an ESPRIT HPCN project: high-performance computing decision support for technological risk assessment and management SIMTRAP a HPCN project for urban traffic and air quality (ozone) management using parallel processing
The GAIA global multi-media information system for environmental education and training, an INCO-DC project ECOSIM a Telematics applications projects for urban environmental management (Berlin, Athens, Gdansk)
Öko-Check an environmental management information system, web based and on a CD, for SMEs (in German) EU-Fitness a multi-criteria ranking and benchmarking system for regional development (Lower Austria).
ADAPT/BootStrap training system for on-demand learning about environmental management for SMEs (in German) IQEM EUREKA Euroenviron 1892 for integrated quality and environmental management
SIGRIC the Sistema di Gestione Rischio Chimicoi, a RiskWare Application for the Provincia di Pisa, Italy RiskWare a management information system for technological risk assessment and management
XENVIS a technological risk management system for the Netherlands (Post-Seveso Directive) GRIBS a risk information system for the Kanton and City of Basel (chemicals, biohazards, radioactivity)
EIAxpert a rule-based expert system for screening level EIA, developed for water resources projects in the Mekong basin WaterWare a water resources management information system (EUREKA 487)
WaterWare: a river basin management information system for the Lerma-Chapala in Mexico WaterWare hydrological information system for the Palestinian Hydrology Group

PROJECT HISTORY     provides an overview of previous work by the then ACA group.

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