Reports and Papers

Environmental RTD projects and applications
over the Internet: Case studies from Thailand,
China, Malaysia and Japan

Fedra, K.
Environmental Software & Services GmbH
A-2352 Gumpoldskirchen, AUSTRIA



The paper describes three concrete projects that include one INCO-DC project under FW4, plus two purely commercial application which are spinoffs from EUREKA and the FW4/5 projects with Asian clients, all in the environmental applications domain, and all conducted primarily or even exclusively over the Internet.

The projects include GAIA ( a FW4 INCO-DC project with participation from China and Thailand; GAIA dealt with a multi-media information system for environmental training.

Based on the EUREKA Euroenviron project 487, developing water resources management system (, an ongoing spin-off project in Malaysia involves local companies as well as the National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia. The application is a river basin management system for the Kelantan river, with emphasis on rice production.

Finally, based on the FW4 Telematics project ECOSIM ( that developed an urban environmental information system with emphasis on air quality, and the parallel EUREKA project AIDAIR (, two related applications for air quality assessment and management are underway for an industrial client in Japan.

Based on these experiences, an attempt is made to extract and describe lessons learned in the research and development collaboration.

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