SaaS: Software
as a Service

eConsulting:   web-based environmental consulting
austrian electronic network

eConsulting is building and operating a set of reference installations for fully web-based environmental information and decision support systems for the on-line support of EU environmental Directives such as 2000/60/EC, 96/62/EEC, etc. or similar environmental legislation in third countries. The project exploits recent research results and technical development from EUREKA and EU FP 5 and 6 projects.

eConsulting provides real-time environmental information and computational tools for environmental management as a web-based outsourcing solution to the competent authorities or regulated industries, and a (mandated) public information systems component operated on behalf of these institutions.

On-line interactive analysis on demand and immediate answers replace the traditional consultants' static reports. Direct access by any number of distributed users and stakeholders, and an optional public information system components add to the advantages of a web-based implementation.

Project Description:

EMIS:   Industrial Environmental Management Information System.
EMIS:   On-line Tutorial
  Broadband access to multi-media high-performance computing results for regular forecasts and now-casts of environmental quality, and on-line interactive analytical tools to support a range of planning and management tasks combine to an innovative web based product and service with considerable world wide market potential.

Shared high-performance computational resources, advanced sate-of-the-art software tools supported and maintained by domain experts and on-line application and general user support offer a range of services at a level of scientific and technical quality that is usually beyond the reach of any individual subscriber.

Software as a Service through the Internet is the medium to provide a next generation of on-line scientific-technical consulting and related computational services.

The project Nr. 816022   eConsulting   is supported by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit)
through the Austrian Research Foundation FFG within the austrian electronic network (ATnet) programme.

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